LIFE Insurance

No one likes to think about death, but in the case of your death, life insurance can create security for your family’s future. The money your beneficiary receives upon your death can help provide for mortgage payments, medical bills, tuition or other needs that can become an enormous burden, especially when mourning an unexpected loss. The Vandruff team can talk you through the different types of life insurance policies, help calculate the amount of coverage needed and provide excellent, affordable life insurance quotes.

Find the Coverage That’s Right For You

Term Life Insurance | Term life insurance is an affordable, simple policy that many young families choose because it is designed to replace your income during a fixed term. This is the best life insurance option for many because of the low initial premiums and coverage available.
Whole Life and Universal Life Insurance | The Vandruff Agency provides both whole life and universal life insurance policies for life-long coverage. Both types provide coverage until age 121, but there are differences in the amount of premium you’ll pay each month, the cash value and the death benefit.

Do I need life insurance? | Life insurance isn’t really about you; it’s about providing for the people you love. Families across OKC, Edmond, Cashion, Bethany and the surrounding areas depend on us for their Farmers life insurance policies. We’ll happily discuss your family’s goals, answer questions and help you choose the best life insurance policy to match your unique needs. As life changes, your needs may change too! Get in touch if you’re considering changing or adding a policy. We would love to help.

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